Eat well. Live well. Stay well.

Sometimes the body does not make enough vitamins to maintain good health, so we need to rely on two main sources—food & supplements. But do you know the difference between a “vitamin” and a “supplement?”

Our bodies needs vitamins to maintain proper levels of functioning. Common vitamins are C (from citrus foods), vitamin D (from milk products) and vitamin A (from dark green, yellow and orange fruits and veggies).

A supplement (sometimes called “dietary supplement”) is a product taken orally and contains one or more ingredients (as vitamins or amino acids) intended to supplement our diet. But a supplement is not a food.

We offer natural, organic and vegan supplements and brands (SiSu, Natural Factors, Platinum, Canprev, Flora, New Roots, Organika, NOW, NAKA and more) to suit various budgets, preferences and needs. We care about helping you live well and maintain a   Health is Wealth attitude!