Eat well.

It's a fast-paced life. And that means making quality time for wholesome and nourishing meals. Choose from a selection of fresh, gluten-free, natural, organic, vegan and fermented foods to satisfy your tastebuds. We promise your body, your soul and your mind will benefit from eating well.


Live well.

Whether relaxed, busy or hectic, life still has room for experiences that inspire and for enjoying meaningful products that touch the soul. Browse through a variety of giftware items to bring a smile, to refresh the household and celebrate the joyous moments with friends, colleagues and family.


Stay well.

When you work hard to maintain good health, you get satisfying results.  Living a well-balanced life means combining work and play, scheduling down time and enjoying up time and embracing all that comes with sustainable health. We offer foods, supplements, health and beauty products to revitalize and restore.


The Health Shoppe

Health is Wealth

Eat well. Live well. Stay well. The Health Shoppe is a family-owned health and wellness store located in the heart of mid-town Toronto. We offer a wide selection of health and beauty products, supplements, fresh foods (organic, vegan, fermented and gluten-free foods), giftware and more.

We welcome you to take a journey towards healthy living, healing and achieving balance. Enjoy a personalized service with our friendly consultants. Browse through a wide selection of natural products for your individual needs. Be inspired by an informative in-store experience.

The Health Shoppe is the natural way towards wellness…

Where Health is Wealth. 


Come visit us in-store!

Take some time to explore, discover and believe in the power of products designed with your mind, body and soul in mind. Browse through aisles, sections and shelves filled with innovative, healthy and all-natural products.